Tuesday, November 18, 2014


In Third grade we take the Pilgrims very seriously. For the past two weeks we have been learning all about the Mayflower, building our settlement, making treaties with the Native Americans, hunting for food... We ARE Pilgrims. 

Each day the kids write journal entries in their Pilgrim Log books. They record important information and tell stories about things that have been happening in their colony, etc. They are encouraged to write with a creative flourish as long as the writing is reasonable.

A recent entry titled "Crossing the Great Ocean" had some especially creative tangents.

"The storms never stopped and the food was disgusting. The rats were everywhere nibbling on whatever they saw! 
I became sick and could not control my body. There was no privacy and my sickness was everywhere. 
For entertainment we played spin the bottle. All the kids on board got drunk. Every kid on board was an alcoholic."

I am so pleased that my students are learning and remembering all of the best parts of our Nation's history. 

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