Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Emotions can be unpredictable and surprising at times. Sometimes they crop up seemingly out of nowhere, making us feel overwhelmed and out of control. Children and adults alike feel frustrated by these mysterious emotions. It can feel impossible to keep your cool at times. 

A few of my special friends have been feeling especially emotional lately. As they cry and yell and, on occasion break down completely, I feel their pain. I tell them that I too feel this way at times, more often than I care to admit. 

These poor young souls must learn that this type of public self expression is simply not allowed. They must learn the hard process of smiling through the struggle time and how to "manage" their feelings.. 

During art class we learned how to draw self portraits. 

Special Friend sobbing uncontrollably at desk, followed by forced "cool down time" outside. 

Me: "What is going on? Can you tell me what you are feeling?"
Special Friend: "I don't know what the problem is!! I don't know what to draw and what to erase. I am lost in a fog!" 
Me: "Take a deep breath. This is art and whatever you want to add or erase is OK. No one is hurt. This is not a big deal." 
Special Friend: "My emotions are OUT OF CONTROL!! I want to punch my emotions in the face!" 

Exactly. What a wise and articulate child.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


There is always another adventure waiting for us. Sometimes we find it in the most surprising place, or at an unexpected moment! Some of my special friends are especially good at having an "adventure" any time and anywhere...

(Snack Recess, which is 15 minutes long)

Me: "Hi Special Friend. How's recess?" 

Special Friend: "Well Ms. K I have had quite the adventure today! I put on my Sherlock Holmes face and started following the trail. I pulled out my spectacle and leaned down to examine the trail. Scattered grass was all around. And what did I find?! Muddy footprints leading from the field above! I predict there have been some 4th graders up to no good. 

Like I said, adventures all around!